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Question on Economy & Government Preferences

Would some Americans prefer to live in a country like China?

You think you could live in a country like China assuming race wasn’t a factor?

It’s interesting to see a country try to plan out much more of its market. Less individual freedoms but more collective thoughtfulness—still dominant globally. It’d be an worthy experiment to compare although I figure I’d like the US more.

Could be a reality if West Africa or another region becomes one country in our lifetime. That’d require figuring out the balance of economic and governmental principles. I’m not sure if a highly individualistic culture could unite a new country unless some unit had power in guns, steel, or international diplomacy. Possible but also possible for an India-like tolerance for cultures with some pragmatic harmony policies could lead to a new country too.

The US we know today is formed from a country that had a head start in many ways and a very alien population hyped on Manifest Destiny. Is that enough going forward? For which nations? What will be the successful ways for a people of 100s of million to unite in the future?

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